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ConWeb Network

ConWeb is a network of national consumers’ organization of South East Europe. The Network was established on 18th of May 2016. Currently the Network has three member consumers’ organizations:

  • Center for Consumers Protection (CEZAP);
  • Consumers’ Organization of Macedonia (COM); and
  • National Consumers Organization of Serbia (NOPS).


We are committed to support consumer organizations in the region:

a) to raise awareness of consumers and all other relevant actors and stakeholders about the importance of consumers protection and their rights and to contribute to the EU accession process and more specifically acquis communautaire (Chapter 28);

b) to represent effectively the interest of consumers in their respective countries and in the region and advocate for them;

c) to contribute to improving national legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks; and

d) to exchange and disseminate on best practices and experiences to mutual benefit of their members.


ConWeb members are the voice of over 50 million consumers in South East Europe.


  • Approximation of the consumer protection legislation and policy with those of EU;
  • Efficient enforcement mechanisms in execution of EU consumer protection policy;
  • Developing products and services for better information of consumers in the region about their rights and means for protecting them;
  • Developing products and services for better information of providers of goods and services about their obligations towards consumers;
  • Strengthening individual, organizational and institutional capacities of members;
  • Fostering cooperation among the members; and
  • Supporting members to get full membership in international consumer organizations (e.g. BEUC).

Agreement on establishing the ConWeb Network

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