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Friday, 27 January 2023

Clear-x project to help consumers participate in the green transition to save on energy bill

Consumers’ Organisation of Macedonia this week helped kick off the CLEAR-X project that will help consumers to access renewable energy technologies to help them save money on their energy bills. The EU-funded project (coordinated by The European Consumer Organisation, BEUC) aims to help consumers invest in household renewable energy and energy efficiency measures at an affordable price.

The project will help consumers in the Republic of North Macedonia by providing trusted information, collective purchase schemes and more consumer-friendly rules on renewables.

The project was highlighted by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen as an example of what the EU is doing to help people “reap the benefits of the energy transition” in a speech at the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

The project focuses on the Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia). The aim is to reach 38,000 consumers to trigger €27m worth of renewable installations, with a focus on solar panels.

Consumers will have access to lab-tested products, selected installers, and a trusted third-party contact point throughout their purchase journey. This will help consumers access renewable energy and energy efficiency measures allowing them to make lasting savings on their energy bills.

“This project will help consumers to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The high percentage of energy we use at home goes on heating and most of that comes from polluting fossil fuels. We need to change this, for the sake of the climate, but also to help consumers make lasting energy savings and protect us from volatile fossil fuel prices. This project will help consumers across Central and Eastern Europe get the best possible deal, to participate in the green transition and start generating savings on their energy bills”.

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