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Aiming to improve the position and rights of consumers, to advocate for and foster improvement of the national legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks with regard consumer rights and protection in South East Europe, one of the core areas of action of the ConWeb Network will be research.

Currently ConWeb Network with its delegated experts is part of regional interdisciplinary and comprehensive research on “Collective redress mechanisms in light of the European Commission Recommendation (2013/396/EU) on common principles for injunctive and compensatory collective redress mechanisms emphasizing cross-national comparisons, underlining issues of commonality and difference (focus on damage claims)”. The objective of the research is to analyse the existing deficits and different obstacles in their entirety for an adequate enforcement of collective redress according to the consumer protection laws in SEE countries and to develop relevant suggestions for the improvement of the situation. The recommendations and conclusions from the regional research will provide the responsible national institutions and organisations in South East Europe a basis for exchange, revision and improvement of their national legal and institutional frameworks and will serve as basis for development of a Regional action plan for capacity building in collective redress proceedings for SEE countries. The research will be structured into six Parts: 1. National compliance with the relevant EU acquis; 2. Legal framework for collective redress; 3. Institutional framework for collective redress; 4. The role of courts, inspection bodies, regulatory bodies, ombudsman and others in collective redress; 5. The role of consumer organisations in collective redress; and 6. Recommendations and conclusions.

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