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Friday, 27 January 2023

BCSDN Conducted Regional Workshop “Advancing Communication, Advocacy and Networking Skills”

During 28th and 29th of June, BCSDN conducted Regional Workshop “Advancing Communication, Advocacy and Networking Skills” in Struga, gathering together our implementing partners, representatives from the regional grantees supported trough the CSDev Hub and CPDE partners.

Supported through our activities within the Regional Civil Society Development Hub, funded by Sida, and the activities that our network has with the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness, we were able to provide the participant with colourful agenda full of lively discussions, learning opportunities, and skills-equipment.

For this workshop, we have had two focal points: Network management and Advancing communications skills.

For the network management aspect of our training, we have had the hunger to have Ms. Glenis Balangue, CPDE Capacity Development Coordinator who delivered the fundamentals of network management and network advocacy, familiarizing the participants with the concepts through the example of the CPDE.

Ms. Kristina Ozimec provided a comprehensive approach covering the topics of building communication strategies and effective CSO-media cooperation.

“It is crucial to establish two-way communication between the seventh force/media and civil society. Exactly such activities that unite journalists and civil society organizations on the same table are of particular importance for the media, which should be in constant communication with the civil society sector, which is considered a corrector in society. Such events strengthen cooperation and thus contribute to the common good and two-way communication.” – stated Sunai Sabrioski, a journalist from North Macedonia who took an active part in the workshop.

BCSDN is looking forward to the next chapter of the established cooperation amongst CSO representatives and media representatives and see all the great thing arising from such cooperation.

source: BalkanCsd

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