ConWeb members as a voice of over 50 million consumers in South East Europe will aim to represent effectively the interest of consumers in their respective countries and to advocate for them. This will be achieved by providing quality, trustworthiness and accurate information, advise and education of consumers on their rights and support consumers to enforce these rights. Various means and modes of communication will be used to advise consumers and to enhance their knowledge on consumer rights.



National Consumer Organization of Serbia (NOPS), in cooperation with its members, continuously works on improving the field of consumer protection and represents a distinctive institution for the citizens of Serbia, which is one of the prerequisites for the successful completion of accession negotiations. The consumers have recognized NOPS as an organization which has answers to their questions, solutions for their problems and legal assistance in accordance with the law.

NOPS Report on advising (2016)


COM is providing advise, information and education of consumers in relation to their individual and collective consumer rights through representation of their interests in policy and legislation.

COM Report on advising (2016)


CEZAP provide advises and practical assistance to consumers on protection and realization of consumers rights. CEZAP also inform and help consumers to prepare complaints, and  documentation they need for traders and public institutions. Consumers may file a complaint to CEZAP in person, by e-mail, phone, sending a compliant via mail or by filling out the form on our website.

CEZAP Report on advising (2016)