Agreement on regional cooperation of national consumer organizations

In addition to better cooperation, the main goal is to strengthen protection of consumer rights, particularly in the area of municipal services.

The signatories stressed that the problems are largely the same in all countries of the region, and thus they will be better coordinated.

President of CEZAP, Olga Nikčević believes that there are not sufficient only activities according to policy makers and providers of municipal services, but that consumers should be better informed and educated.

She added that CEZAP will do soon the “Guide through the consumer’s rights, as users of municipal services.”

“What is the problem in our country, but in the region is resolved, are counseling centers for consumers in Serbia and Macedonia, and exist in several cities, but in our case, despite plans are not open. And they are indispensable is the fact that consumers daily call CEZAP, in order to report a variety of irregularities, “said Nikčević.

Project “Open Regional Fund for Modernization of Municipal Services” is funded by the German organization GIZ.

Dragana Mrkic, TVCG

Sourse: RTCG